Revlon- Love Is On Test

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This morning, I came across a Revlon commercial about five different couples in love. The test were for the women. Some couples needed help with their relationships, which were  emotionally or sexually stressed.
– Jennifer + Shaun
– Prime + Atu
– Pauline + Terry
– Jenny + Chris
– Danni + Puna
The couples were asked this question:

//How long have you been together?

Then, each partner was separated from the other and were asked the following questions:
//What are the first words that come to mind about your relationship?
//Last time you had sex?
//What turns you on?
//What are you most insecure about?
Both women and men were asked this:
//What would you like to change about your love life?
So, Revlon conducted a scientific study exploring how women open up to love. The women were sent home for a week to try a daily beauty ritual with makeup, fragrance, chocolate and a mirror; while take a few moments each day to appreciate themselves.
The ending result was a positive one. 97% experienced great results.
While the women were alone answering the following questions, Revlon secretly had their partners listen from behind the scenes.
//Did you feel different?
//What have you learned about your relationship this week?
//When did you first realize you were in love?
//How long do you think the relationship will last?
The women felt more empowered, beautiful, and loved. They were much more confident in the longevity of the relationships and the men were so proud of the women about the new found self confidence and self love of each women.
I will be trying this test. This film was very emotional and empowering.
Click on >> #Loveison to take this test!

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