[1] When you have a goal and someone tries to KNOCK that; don’t give that f&%#, girl….

[2] When you looking Beyoncé fine in the club and some hater tries to tell you about yourself; don’t give that f&%#, girl….

[3] When the ex calls you when his new girl leaves him; don’t give that f&%#, girl…. (this happened to me, BTW)

[4] When “they” don’t like you or want to be around you, let their ass kick rocks; don’t give that f&%#, girl….

[5] When you have a certain “style” about yourself and people don’t understand that, let them be confused; don’t give that f&%#, girl….

[6] When people you used to hang with tell you that you’re bougie and you changed, for the better; don’t give that f&%#, girl….

[7] When you start a business and your people don’t wanna support you; don’t give that f&%#, girl….

[8] When you post that cute picture on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook..etc and he inboxes you, talking about “Hey”; don’t give that f&%#, girl….

[9] When people question you on your life choices regarding marriage, children, job…etc as if you were supposed to had those things already; don’t give that f&%#, girl….

[10] When people are hating on your progress in life and relationships in general and tries to spread those rumors; don’t give that f&%#, girl….

It’s not being selfish girl… it’s knowing that you reign and you are your own QUEEN that will not value the opinions of PEASANTS.

Now, with THAT being said…..

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